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Desember 1, 2020
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Automatic Level Nikon AX-2S

Automatic Level Nikon AX-2S / Waterpass Nikon AX-2S and provide a high level of accuracy and ease of use for a variety of civil engineering and construction applications. Compact and lightweight, they also built rugged and water resistant, providing reliable performance in light rain or dusty work sites. World-renowned Nikon optics deliver brighter, clearer images and a minimum focus distance upgraded to work in confined spaces. Plus, the built-in magnetic dampened automatic compensator levels the line of sight. See the bright, sharp images with minimum focus improved. You will notice the difference when you look through a Nikon automatic level. Nikon’ s legendary optics effectively let in more light. The result is a bright, crisp images, especially in low visibility conditions. You’ ll see more detail and much less distortion. More optics help you aim more precisely, and they are easier on your eyes-something you will really appreciate on long workdays. The Automatic Level 20x Nikon AX2S have a telescope. It offers a distance-now improved a minimum of 2, 46 focus Feet ( 0.75m) for better performance in tight places and on steep slopes.

Technical Details:

* 20x telescope has a 30mm objective lens for clear images and bright in an upright orientation and unreversed
* Built in compensator automatically levels the line of sight over a wide range of compensation ± 16-Inch with setting accuracy ± 0, 5-Inch
* The minimum focusing distance 0.75m / 2, 46 feet, the standard deviation for multiple levels of the 1-mile run just ± 2.5mm
* Keys horizontal tangent has a limited range and can be operated with both hands, the friction brake enables quick, easy setting
* Water-resistant body construction allows use in light rain or dusty conditions, a specially designed base plate for mounting on a tripod either flat-or dome-head


Tube length: 7.5 in ( 190 mm)
Image: upright
Effective diameter of objective: 1, 2 in ( 30 mm)
Magnification: 20x
Resolution power: 4, 5 ”
Field of view: 1 ° 30 ‘ ( 2, 6-ft @ 100 ft)
Minimum focus distance: 2: 46 ft ( 0, 75 m)
Stadia Ratio: 1: 100
Stadia additive constant: + 10 cm

Circular level: 10 ‘ / 2 mm

per 1-km double-run leveling: ± 1, 5 mm
AUTO compensator type: wire-hanging, a magnetic damper
Compensation range: ± 16 ‘
Setting accuracy: ± 0.5 ”

Circle diameter: 4.3 in ( 110 mm)
Minimum increment: 1 ° / 1 g
Scale reading ( direct) : 1 ° / 1 g
Read with an estimate: 0, 1 ° / 0, 1 g

Instrument ( L x W x H) : 7, 5 x 5, 0 x 4, 8 in
Bags ( LxWxH) : 11, 5 x 6, 7 x 6, 4 in)

Instrument: 2.8 lbs ( 1.25 kg)
Carrying case: 2, 7 lbs ( 1.2 kg)


* Main Unit Auto Level Nikon AX-2S
* Allumunium Tripod
* Signs gauge / Levelling Staff
* Tool Kit
* Plumb Bob
* Loud Carry Case
* Cleaning Cloth
* User Manual


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