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Desember 1, 2020
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Digital Theodolite Minds DT-05

The all new re-designed Trilex DT-05 is a great value 2 second accuracy instrument. This instrument is ideal for small building and construction companies.
We have selected this instrument over many other low cost brands, as it is low cost but still very good quality. Full parts and service is offered in-house at Trig instruments service department.
Comes complete with a NiMH battery pack for charging without the need to flatten the battery first.


Low cost
Symmetrical support structure to ensure stability and durability
Large screen with a time display. High-brightness background lighting.
Built-in standard laser center-point plummet – simple and easy to use
32-bit high speed CPU board, processing speed. Fast rotating telescope and bracket will not lead to loss of date and alarm.
Can store 1000 points of data.
Wide comfortable handle.
NiMH battery pack
Great quality


Accuracy: 2 seconds ( ± 0.4mm @ 30m)
Resolution: 1/ 2 seconds selectable
Length of telescope: 156mm
Image: Erect
Objective lens aperture: 45mm
Magnification: 30x
Field of view: 1° 30′
Resolving power: 3.5 ”
Shortest focus range: 1.3m
Stadia ratio: 100
Stadia constant: 0
Angle measuring method: Absolute Encode
Angle detecting: Horizontal and Vertical: Double
LCD screens: Double face
Tilt compensator: Yes
Compensator range: ± 3′
Output: RS232
Memory: 1000 sets
Plummet: Laser
Power: Rechargeable and 4xAA Alkaline
working time: Up to 30 hours
Plate level: 30 ” / 2mm
circular level: 8′ / 2mm
Working Temperature: -20° C to + 50° C
Net weight: 4.8kg
Waterproof: No
Warranty: 24 month


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