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View 7, core-alignment fusion splicer with the highest magnification, is one of the most dependable splicers on the market. View 7 splicer features a rubberized design for field use in harsh weather conditions. View 7 has a friendly intuitive GUI ( Graphical User Interface) with a 5 inch high- resolution color LCD touch screen that is easy to see and use. Especially, the highest magnification by 520X enables users to check the fibers clearly with the naked eyes. The sizeable, large battery capacity at full charge allows up to 355 splice and heating cycles. In addition, the improved heating oven provides fast heating times to 18s. With the advanced technology, View 7 gives the most reliable working experience to our valuable customers.

View 7 High-end Technology ARC Fusion Splicer Features Include :

  • The World’ s Highest Magnification and Resolution
  • 5 ” Color High Resolution Touch Screen
  • 3 Bright LED for Dark Environment
  • GPS Tracking Feature Mirrorless Design for improved work efficiency
  • Large Battery Capacity : 355 Splice and Heat
  • 5 mm cleave length for 250µ m/ 900µ m/ 3 mm, Flat cable, and SOC
  • Detachable SOC Heating Oven
  • 35 Splicing Modes Illuminated Keypads
  • Harsh Weather Conditions Adaptability


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