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Geo Fennel EcoDist Pro Laser Distance Meter
Desember 4, 2020
Cross Line Laser RUIDE AEL 288
Desember 4, 2020
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Geo Fennel GeoDist Laser Distance Meter

Geo Fennel GeoDist Laser Distance Meter

A new professional Laser distance meter for the precise measurement of distance, area, volume and much more. The combination of a robust ergonomic
design and tactile grip makes it quick, efficient and easy to use. All the essential features you need – at a competitive price.

The multi-functional endpiece
Achieve optimum results when measuring from hard to access positions. The instrument detects the 90° or 180° position of the multi-functional endpiece and
automatically corrects the measuring reference point accordingly.


  • Minimum / maximum
  • Permanent measurement
  • Plus / minus
  • Area / volumes
  • Painter‘s function
  • Room calculation summary
  • Pythagoras functions
  • Stake-Out
  • point of reference: front, rear, tripod
  • mm, ft, inch
  • multi-functional endpiece

Technical Data

Accuracy ± 1,0 mm
Measuring distance typ. 80 m
with target plate 100
Laser class 2
Resolution 0,1 mm
Protection IP 54
Dimensions 120 x 58 x 29 mm
Weight 146 g
Tripod connection Camera tripod


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