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November 9, 2020
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Hammer Test Proceq Type N CO.550.1S Original Schmidt

Rp 30.000.000 Rp 29.000.000

Hammer Test Proceq Type N CO.550.1S Original Schmidt

Concrete Test Hammer (Original Schmidt Tipe N – Proceq) digunakan untuk mengukur karakteristik kuat tekan beton yang dikeraskan secara non-destruktif, mengontrol kualitas beton yang seragam dan mendeteksi titik-titik lemah pada beton. Benda uji harus memiliki ketebalan minimum 100 mm (3,9 in).

The original Schmidt® hammer, type N, is designed for non-destructive testing of concrete items 4″ (100mm) or more in thickness, or concrete with a maximum particle size less than or equal to 1.25″ (32mm). It is designed for testing concrete within a compressive strength range of 1,450 to 10,152 psi (10 to 70 N/mm2) and impact energy of the test is 1.6 ft-lbs (2.207 Nm). The (type N) Schmidt hammer is pressed against the concrete structure and the rebound values are displayed on a mechanical sliding scale. These values can then be correlated to compressive strength by using the conversion table chart affixed to the hammer. The original Schmidt hammer is known for its durability and accuracy.

Type N Original Schmidt: Rebound values are read from a scale for subsequent calculation of the mean. Compressive strength values  can be read from a conversion diagram
Type NR Original Schmidt: Rebound values are recorded as a bar chart on a paper strip which has a capacity for 4’000 test impacts
Type L Original Schmidt: Handling equals type N, but the type L offers an impact energy three times smaller
Type LR Original Schmidt: Handling equals type NR, but with impact energy three times smaller. The LR also features a paper strip for recording up to 4’000 test impacts without reloading

What’s In The Box:

  •  Impact device
  •  Carrying case
  •  Grinding stone
  •  User manual
  •  Calibration certificate.


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