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Handy Talky Alinco DJ-V17
November 27, 2020
Handy Talky Alinco DJ-596 ( Dual Band )
November 27, 2020
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Handy Talky Alinco DJ-A10

Agen/Suplier Resmi Menjual Beragam macam seperti Alat Radio Komunikasi, Alat Survey, Telekomunikasi dll, dengan harga yang super murah dan berkualitas dengan berbagai merk.


●128 channels to program operating parameters via

PC utility software

●Channel, Name tag and VFO (Frequency) display

modes selectable

●Comes with a rechargeable Li-Ion pack, desktop

quick-charger and high-performance whip antenna

●Ergonomically designed compact body 59.0W x

98.0H x 35.0D mm or 2.32W x 3.86H x 1.38D inches

(w/o projections, approx.), weighs approx.227g or

8.01oz inclusive of battery pack and antenna

●3 types of Scan functions (VFO/Memory

channels/Priority), 50 CTCSS, 116 DCS and 4

Tone-burst tones

●Backlit, Dot Matrix LCD screen with alphanumeric

name tag

●Microphone and speaker ports

●Includes FM radio receiver, Internal VOX, Voiceprompt in English, Remote-Kill/Stun/Waken, Analog


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