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GPS Geodetic Ashtech ProMark 120 Receiver with L1 GPS/ GLONASS
Oktober 22, 2020
Syqwest Bathy 500DF Dual Frequency Echosounder & DGPS
Oktober 22, 2020
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  1. Automatically measure range shift gear combined with manual shift
  2. Digital image process technology, waterfall image display and record, can replay and print
  3. innovative portable design, more beautiful and lighter
  4. 1024x768dpi high resolution and brightness screen can be clearly seen in the sunlight


  1. Working frequency: High frequency 100-750KHz ( adjustable) , low frequency 10-50KHz ( adjustable)
  2. Max transmit power: High frequency 500W, low frequency 600W
  3. Detection range: High frequency 0.3m~ 600m, low frequency 0.5m~ 2000m
  4. Accuracy: ± 10mm+ 0.1% h , resolution: 1cm
  5. Adjustable draft range: 0.0m~ 15m
  6. Range of speed of sound: 1370~ 1700m/ s Sense 1m/ s
  7. High speed A/ D shift, sample rate 153600 times/ s, waterfall display
  8. Industry-standard embedded high speed low power consumption CPU frequency 1.6GHz
  9. Industry-Standard Embedded DDR 2 memory: 1G
  10. Depth max sample rate, 30 times per second
  11. Built-in 4G large capacity CF card storage ( can be customized)
  12. Serial ports data output can simulate many formats, adjustable baud rate
  13. High brightness 12-inch LCD screen, resolution 1024× 768, 600cd/ m2
  14. Interface: Two RS-232 serial ports, three USB ports, one DC/ AC power input port and transducer port
  15. Power: DC 12V or AC 220V, power consumption: 20W
  16. Environment: working temperature -30 ~ 60 water-proof and shock-resistant
  17. Size: 440mm× 341mm × 164mm
  18. Weight: 9kg


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