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Laser Distance Meter Bosch DLE-70

Product Details
Bosch DLE 70 Laser Rangefinder comes complete with case, carry strap and batteries

The DLE 70 has all the proven functionalities of DLE50 and now offers functionality to improve distance measuring, and surface calculation. It works 10x faster and has an extremely precise laser. At 100mm height it’ s still the smallest laser rangefinder on market! And it has the robustness you’ ve come to expect from Bosch because it survives intact after a 1m drop – making it ideal for building sites. Plus it’ s the only laser rangefinder with a multi-wall area measuring function.

Features Bosch DLE-70:

Measuring and continuous measurement button
Button to switch between: indirect measurement and the wall-area function:
Enables user to measure the surfaces of any number of walls that have the same height easily and by pressing as few buttons as necessary
Button to switch between: minimum and maximum function – measures the shortest or largest distance between 2 points
Button to switch between: length, area, and volume measurement
Memory addition + subtraction
Equal button and Memory recall
Permanent laser pointer button
Cancel and On- / off- button
Button to choose reference: front end, tripod thread, back end and measuring pin
Spirit level as aiming aid when holding it in your hand or against a rough surface

Types of measuring Bosch DLE-70 :

Continuous, indirect, multi-wall, surface, min & max
Length, area & volume
Button functions:
Memory recall & memory addition and subtraction
Equals button
Permanent laser pointer button
Cancel and on/ off
Reference ( front end, tripod thread, back end and measuring pin
Integrated spirit level

Product Specification

Measuring range: 0.05 – 70m
Typical measuring accuracy: + 1.5mm
Lowest indication unit: 1mm
Laser class: 2
Laser type: 635nm, < 1nW
Dust and splashed water protection to IP54 standard
Tripod thread
Operating temperature: ‘ 10o – + 50oC
Tool dimensions: 59x100x32mm
Packed dimensions: 214x189x66mm
Tool Weight: c 180g
Packed weight: 450g
Total Shipping Weight: 2kg

Comes with:

Carrying Strap


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