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Desember 2, 2020
OTDR VeEX MTT Plus 410
Desember 2, 2020
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OTDR Exfo MaxTester 730C MAX-730C PON

Rp 105.000.000 Rp 103.000.000

Description :
The OTDR Exfo MaxTester 730C (MAX-730C) is designed for testing through FTTH/PON splitters for end-to-end characterization. This handheld OTDR is ideal for FTTH/PON testing, live fiber troubleshooting and metro range testing.
The MAX-730C advantage

Features :
Handy,  lightweight, powerful, tablet-inspired design;
7-inch, outdoor-enhanced touchscreen–the biggest in the handheld industry;
12-hour autonomy;
Dead zones: EDZ 0.6 m, ADZ 2.5 m ;
Dynamic range: 39/38/39 dB;
Rugged design built for outside plant;
iOLM-ready: intelligent and dynamic application that turns complex OTDR trace analysis into a one-touch task.

Applications :
FTTx/PON testing though splitters (up to 1×128);
Access network testing (P2P);
Metro links testing (P2P);
Live fiber troubleshooting


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