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Desember 2, 2020
Desember 2, 2020
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Techwin TW 3100 TDR/ OTDR

TW 3100, 5.6 inch Color VFL LCD, Touch Screen, Automatic measurement
Equal to EXFO, JDSU, YOKOGAWA otdr

– SM 32/ 30dB, MM 23/ 21dB
– Color VFL LCD
– Touch Screen
– Event Dead Zone 10000 pieces
15) Duration of measurement: Defined by user; 5sec, 10sec, 15sec, 30sec, 1min, 2min, and 3min are selectable16) Dimension ( HÃ — WÃ — D) ( mm) : 150Ã — 235Ã — 66
17) Optical interface : FC/ UPC ( PC, and APC are selectable)
18) Weight: 1.5kg
19) Data interface : USB interface, SD card interface
20) Running temperature: -10degree to 50 degree
21) Memory temperature : -40 degree to 70 degree
22) Visible failure orientation : VFL
23) Relative humidity: 0% to 95% ( non condensation) Wavelength 650nm
24) Power supply: Lithium battery; continuing working duration no less than 8 hours
25) Output power ( dBm) : no less than -3
26) Warranty period: 12 months
27) Maximum testing distance: 3km


1. The technical specification describes the ensured performance of the instrument when using typical PC model connector to measure. Without considering the uncertainty caused by optical fiber refractivity.
2. Dynamic range is the data measured under the condition of the maximum pulse width and 3 minutes of average time. Dynamic range is the data measured under the condition of 180km/ 20480ns/ 3min.
3. Measuring conditions of blind zone: reflection event is within 4Km, reflection strength < -35dB. Measured by the minimum pulse width.
4. Dynamic range measured when there is filter.
5. Dynamic range measured when there is no filter.

Ordering Information

Standard Accessories:
Power line , AC/ DC adapter, Quality certification, User manual, Trace analyzing software ( CD) , Soft Carrying Bag, Touch Pen

Note: For the necessity of improvement, the material contained in this document is subject to change without notice.
Optional Information
– Payment : T/ T
– Delivery : 2-7 days
– Origin : China


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